Sympl yet powerful technology to help improve health.

Our patented technology platform, DyrctAxess™, enables direct order and delivery of medications to a patient’s home, reducing unfilled prescriptions and improving compliance. DyrctAxess™ empowers patients by providing shared access to real-time information about medication use and its efficacy. Our secure, web-based, HIPAA-compliant platform helps patients, physicians and manufacturers achieve optimal care through:

  • ​Coordination of all insurance and billing for products
  • Ease of use for patients and physicians on all types of devices and mobile applications (iPhone and Android)
  • Powerful reporting features
  • Real-time monitoring and communications between patients and physicians
  • Automatic patient reminders and refills
  • Enhanced security with 128 bit SSL

Monthly membership fees vary depending on disease category and scope of services, but range from $6.00/month to $49.50 per month, per patient. 

BioMauris refund policy:
All technology, product access and treatment tools delivered or utilized through BioMauris via our monthly membership program are final sales. Refunds will only be issued if the customer has not received product within the defined monthly period or in with manufacturer approval.  All information regarding a potential refund will be referenced through BioMauris proprietary tracking, fulfillment and distribution software.